a group of young men playing a game of soccer

Tackling Undiagnosed Concussion in Sport

Low-cost, simple impact indicators.

Bringing peace of mind to contact sports, for players and loved ones alike

The Issue

Concussion detection is a critical issue in contact sport, particularly at a grassroots level where medical professionals are often absent.

Despite growing awareness of head injury risks, over half of concussions go unreported or unnoticed, posing serious long-term consequences, especially for young players.

Untreated concussions can result in cognitive impairments and permanent brain damage. Given contact sport's physical nature, it's vital for coaches, parents, and players to actively identify and address concussions to safeguard player well-being

football players struggling to hold the football during daytime
football players struggling to hold the football during daytime

"5 in 10 concussions go unreported or undetected"


Our Mission

Playing sport is pivotal to a childs social, physical and mental development, and so we at GumGauge want to ensure that they can enjoy any sport, without having to worry about the knock-on effects it could have long-term.

We have done years of research and prototyping to be able to help coaches, parents and players feel more comfortable that their welfare is of paramount importance.

Here at Gumgauge are capable of understanding what these forces look like on the pitch, helping us keep teams healthy.

Our novel, low-cost impact indicator can help parents, players and coaches alike feel more confident during game play. Empowering children to stay healthy and removing the stress parents feel watching their children grow.

At GumGauge, our mission is to bring peace of mind to all those who want to enjoy contact sport, as well as their loved ones.


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